Jessica Hische

Is a seriously talented type illustrator and web designer. What’s more, she comes across as extremely accessible, offering an array of resources and advice to greener talents. I often refer to her site, for tips on where to find quality, free type sets and links on what’s current in the industry. Check her out!



Tulle is back

Tulle is a classic, lightweight netting that’s mostly used to make dresses, though it does make appearances in ready to wear and casual fashion trends every now and again. I’ve noticed some nice frocks and accessories for Spring 2014 that are worth sharing. This is mostly an inspirational post, as many of these pieces are high end/designer, but I have added (and will continue to do so, customarily) prices and links.




I’m realizing it’s important not to trash every design I make if I do not feel satisfied with the product or see an immediate use for it. In an effort to chronicle my work, maybe even for future use, I’ll make a commitment to post failed, half-finished, thoroughly annoying work. Maybe I’ll come back to it later. Maybe I’ll one day marvel at how much I’ve improved. This project was (is?) a branding attempt for an Atlanta-based indie band called, Highlander. Definitely my own conception of what might work, given that I received little-to-no input on what they might like to see. That’s probably the issue right there. Oh well.


Poster, 2014 Rebecca Butler

The Art of the GIF

The Graphics Interchange Format, better known as the GIF (pronounced, JIFF) is an ideal way to post compressed image files on the web. Myself and other regulars of user-submitted blogs and forums, such as Reddit, 4Chan, and Oh No  They Didn’t, are used to seeing amusing, small loops of animation in a variety of different formats. What makes GIFs so fun is that they can be embedded in the comments section of many websites; thus becoming a new way to express one’s thoughts and opinions. I am proud to present some of my personal favorites under the cut.

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Grown-up game night

Certainly, the idea of an adult game night is not a novel idea. It’s been done by yuppie thirty-somethings in real life, and in episodes of Friends and in Judd Apatow movies, etc. It looks like fun, and over the past few months I’ve made a real effort to engage my own friends in these kind of activities. At first, they weren’t too keen on tearing themselves away from their beer pong games (which does not count as a game night game!) and their chain smoking, but they came around and I am now proud to be a part of my young professional, game playing clique. I will now endorse the following games as solid picks for adult game night.  Continue reading

Adventures in Calligraphy

From a young age, I’ve had a fondness for nice penmanship. Something about bold, ornate lettering made me feel classy and special by proxy of simply looking at it. I began writing regularly in the fifth grade, and my first journal is replete with curly alphabets and poorly executed exercises in cursive. While my appreciation for nice handwriting never wore off, my interest in practicing it was eventually replaced by the increasingly practical need to just get the notes on the damn page. Thus my every day handwriting became, and continues to be a very boring albeit legible style of block letters.

I revisited calligraphy by way of learning more about graphic design, for which font design and typography are essential components of the vast field of digital media. It is important to discern that lettering and typography are arts unto themselves; however, both employ styles and techniques that are fundamental calligraphic skills. As I have always been one to write better with the pen to the page, I set forth to learn more about calligraphy in hopes of being able to gain a new skill, as well as do my menial part in keeping a dying art form alive in the Western, digital age that I live in.

The following is a chronicle of my self-taught investigation into calligraphy, including practice and tips.

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